About the Artist


Gia Hendrix (American, b. 1999) is a self taught painter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hendrix entered Stockton University as a painting major in 2018, and left after finishing her first year. She then attended community college and enrolled herself into psychology classes. After quickly learning that she longed for more freedom than what the structure of a university could offer, she decided to take a break from school as a whole. Since focusing on her artwork full time, she has had her work displayed in Philadelphia through Downtown 500’s Art Gallery, (2019), had her work featured through The Thesis Art Collection and Artsy.net (2020), signed with the newly founded NYC based Salt Gallery (2021), and has attended the Short Beach Artist In Residence Program led by Kathy Battista (2021).
Hendrix’s work reinterprets her past, creating a visual storybook for intangible moments to stay alive in ephemeral spaces. Color plays a large role in the building of each piece. Works are usually found on dark colors that become representative of a background, and colors become lighter and more vibrant as they reach the foreground. This application allows her to play into a process of self discovery and identity where each layer of color is symbolic of who she was at different points in time. “Sometimes I miss past versions of myself, and often feel them ringing through me and creating a physical work for them to be held in forever allows me to put those old versions and experiences to rest.”